Pittmandu Football Club was founded by a group of Nepalese Pittsburghers who wanted to promote the game of football (soccer) while also promoting their native culture of Kathmandu and their adopted culture from Pittsburgh.



The mission of the Pittmandu F.C is to not only develop soccer players through practice and competitive experience, but also to develop individuals who strive to make a contribution in their communities through charitable work and support of their local businesses. It is our hope that the opportunity to play soccer will not only benefit each player physically, but also give them a sense of team and a drive to pursue community-oriented activities.


To make decisions within the club based on the best interest of all players.
To create a cohesive inclusive club environment.
To the continued development of coaching through ongoing education.
To promote charitable work in our communities.
To promote the growth of soccer for people of all ages in the community.


As members of Pittmandu, we are proud of our differing cultures. We respect and value each other as people and will demonstrate our pride as a unified team and club.


We will demonstrate enthusiasm in practice and competitive games.
We will demonstrate our love of the game through effort and sportsmanship.

We are not just a football club whose sole intention is to play soccer. We seek to promote charitable work through volunteering and soccer education for interested people of all ages.